What You Should Know about Dental Crowns

You cannot put a price on a smile because smiles are priceless. A smile can boost your confidence, and a smile can make you look more attractive. What happens, though, when you have a flaw in your tooth, like a crack or damaged tooth? Will you be able to smile again? Certainly, yes, because general dentistry Bellevue includes treatment with a dental crown that will restore functionality and improve your teeth’s outlook. Dental crowns are customized to fit your size and resemble the color of your natural teeth, thus eliminating the possibility of one tooth standing out. Learn about what you can expect during a dental crown treatment.

What Happens on the First Visit?

On your first day, your doctor will begin with an X-ray to check your affected tooth’s condition and surrounding bone. Your doctor may identify problems such as tooth decay, injuries, and infection that require a root canal treatment before you get a dental crown. After that, your doctor will numb your gum tissues and tooth to help you not feel pain during treatment. Next, your doctor reshapes the affected tooth along the sides and on the surface to create enough room for your crown. You may need filling if you experience extensive tooth decay and damage. Your doctor will then use a paste to create an impression of your tooth that needs the dental crown. The impression will go to the lab, which may take up to three weeks before you can receive your crown. Meanwhile, your doctor will cover your tooth with a temporary crown until your next visit.

How About the Second Visit?

You will undergo much on your second visit. Your doctor will take out the temporary crown and then check the color and fit of your new permanent crown. After confirming that you are okay, your doctor may numb your gums and teeth and then cement the permanent crown in its place. You can go home with your new crown and do what you love.

Do Dental Crowns Last?

Yes, your dental crown can serve you for five to 15 years. Although, it may also depend on what you expose your crown to, leading to wear and tear. You can make them last by avoiding chewing ice, grinding and clenching your teeth, biting your fingernails, and using them to open stuff. You may also have to continue your routine hygiene practices, like brushing twice daily and flossing after meals. Your doctor may also recommend avoiding biting on hard surfaces that may crack your crown, especially for a porcelain crown. You should also remember that having a dental crown does not exempt you from possible tooth decay. Therefore, after all the practices, you should also have regular dental checkups to help you care for your teeth.

Thinking of dental crowns? You are in the right direction.  The medical team at EZ Dental Clinic will help you get a dental crown if you seek to restore your teeth. You will receive guidance on what you can expect for the visits you will need and how to prepare for them. Do not be left out. Visit the website today and make your online appointment. 

William Thomas

William Thomas