What Is Sports Physical and Why Is It Necessary?

We can all agree that playing sports and living an active lifestyle provide many benefits. It helps keep your lungs and heart healthy, strengthen your muscles, and strengthen your bones. This is especially true for athletes that work out regularly. However, before getting active, you need to ensure your body is ready to handle the high strain and stress of sport. Undertaking Spring sports physicals before engaging in any exercise program or sport will ensure you are safe and sufficiently healthy for the activity. Here is a look at sports physicals and why it is important.

What Exactly Is Sports Physical?

This pre-participation physical exam determines whether you are safe to participate or join a certain sport. Sports physicals assess whether you are sufficiently healthy to engage in your sport. It also includes recommendations on how you can lower your injury risk and maintain perfect health as an athlete.

Sports physicals are often overlooked because most people don’t think about their health before trying to get healthy. However, sports physicals give an extra layer of safety and security by determining health issues such as hidden injuries or diseases. It is essential to know that sports physical does not substitute a regular annual check-up as sports physicals focus more on the health history that might directly impact your ability to engage in a certain sport.

Who Requires Sports Physicals?

Sports physicals are perfect for anyone looking to engage in a team sport, begin a new exercise program, or participate in strenuous activity. Kids and teens often require sports physicals before joining any sport at school. They should repeat the sports physicals each year. Adults looking to begin a new exercise program will benefit from sports physicals by reducing the risks of injuries. Doctors often recommend you book sports physicals around six weeks before the beginning of your activity. This way, the doctor will have sufficient time for treatment in case you have a problem that requires medical care before your sports season starts.

What Occurs During a Sports Physical Appointment?

When you go for a sports physical appointment, your doctor will start by evaluating your medical history and family history of diseases. He will also assess your past injuries, pre-existing diseases, allergies, and medications. The other part involves conducting a physical exam where your doctor measures your weight, height, visual acuity, and blood pressure. The doctor will also examine your vital organs and analyze your general strength and flexibility. Your doctor will then assess all the examination results and give clearance for you to engage in sports, or if you have health problems, they will recommend more testing, evaluation, or treatment.

The safety and health of athletes are the most vital considerations for any sporting event. Sports physicals are important in ensuring your body can handle the specific sport you will be preparing for. Sports physicals are perfect for athletes of any age, including those beginning a new exercise program. When preparing to book a sports physical, remember that timing is important. Undertaking this medical procedure will be crucial in helping your entire family stay healthy and safe.

William Thomas

William Thomas