Top 6 Signs You Might Need To Have A Root Canal

Determining whether you should consider a root canal can be daunting since many people still perceive this procedure as dental torture. However, with the latest invention’s dentistry technology, the root canal treatment New York procedure is one of the most comfortable and painless techniques to restore your smile. The best Side of root canals is that they address your dental concern from the root cause and thus eradicate the issue for good.

This procedure is mainly used to treat and save teeth that are severely decayed or infected. Nevertheless, you may not be sure when you should get a root canal as you might not be aware of signs that necessitate this treatment option. Keep reading to comprehend the leading signs that prove you might need to have a root canal.

1.     Persistent tooth pain

Tooth pain that persists indicates that your condition requires an urgent dental check. You need to get a root canal if your tooth pain is on and off and reappears in severe forms. The pain can result from infections that inflame the blood vessels or nerves near your tooth. Also, you can experience such debilitating pain if your tooth is decayed. While the cause of tooth pain can vary, you can feel the pain in the teeth bone, jaw, face, and surrounding teeth. However, if you experience prolonged pain, you should see your dentist instantly.

2.     Swollen gums

Although swollen gums can be a sign of gingivitis, it can also indicate a severe issue beneath the surface. If your gums are swollen and painful and have raised bumps, it can be a sign of inflammation due to infections. However, it would help if you visited your dentist to determine the cause of swollen gums. Root canals are an effective procedure to solve this problem, especially if the inflamed gums don’t improve.

3.     Teeth sensitivity to heat or cold

Typically, it’s not normal to experience tooth sensitivity when you consume warm or cold foods and liquids. You can experience sharp piercing pain or a dull ache, especially when you eat warm food. If the sensitivity doesn’t disappear and persists longer, your dentist can recommend a root canal treatment. This sensitive feeling can indicate that your teeth are severely damaged, infected, or both.

4.     Cracked or chipped teeth

You can get chips or cracks mainly through injuries or accidents. This opening can allow bacteria to settle in the injured tooth and cause infections or inflammation. Also, the trauma experienced during the injury or accident can damage the nerves in your tooth. You can get a root canal to stabilize your condition in such a case.

5.     Dark discoloration in your teeth

Discolored teeth can occur for various reasons, including poor hygiene and stains from drinks and food. Also, nerve damage beneath your tooth surface can lead to dark discoloration. In such a case, your dentist can schedule a root canal procedure to remove the damaged tooth.

6.     Repeated procedures on a tooth

Every time a dental procedure is performed on one of your teeth, it becomes vulnerable to more issues. For instance, if you go through several deep fillings procedures in your tooth, you can suffer tooth infections in the future. Therefore, your dentist can recommend a root canal procedure if you have had multiple tooth replacement procedures in one tooth.

If any of these signs have cornered you, you can be sure of the relief you seek with a root canal procedure. The procedure is gentle and will help you attain a gorgeous smile and live a pain-free life. If you’ve been wondering whether a root canal is for you, you should schedule your dental visit if you notice any of the above-listed signs.

William Thomas

William Thomas