Some common sports injuries

Sports injuries refer to the injuries that happen to players on the field while playing. However, these injuries are not limited to players and can occur to anyone at any time. Sports injuries are primarily divided into two categories, acute and chronic. Acute injuries or one where a player is injured suddenly like falling on the ground, bone dislocation, and similar. On the other hand, a chronic injury happens when a body part is overused, which causes pain and trouble, such as spine pain and stress fracture. Let us know about some of the most common types of sports injuries where you can take help from sports medicine Bayonne:

Bone dislocation 

One of the most common types of sports injuries is dislocated bone. Especially for aggressive sports like football and rugby people usually dislocate their arms or shoulders. Even in cricket, people get injured and get their bones dislocated.

Bone fracture 

Another common type of sports injury is a fractured bone. Often due to harsh landing on the field and a rough gameplay players get injured and fracture their bones. Sometimes these injuries are so severe that they even undergo surgery for fixing their fractured bone.

Bruises and cuts

Bone injuries are internal, but cause immense pain. However, apart from bone fracture and dislocation, sports people also get bruises and deep cuts on the field. It might be due to various reasons but can also be painful and not allow the player to play comfortably. For instance, a bleeding nose.

Sprain and strains

A sprain or stream is when your nerves are pulled, and this causes intense muscle cramps and discomfort. For instance, if you have sprained your leg, it will become very difficult to walk properly or even stand. Players often face sprains and strains on the field.

Treatment for a sports injury depends on the severity of the condition. For instance, if a player has broken their bones, they will have to visit an orthopedic doctor and they will determine if surgery is the option or fixing it using plaster of Paris would be enough. If you are suffering from any sports injuries, then you should rest at home and try hot and cold compression or do as your doctor has advised.  And after you have recovered, you should play with precaution and avoid such injuries in the future to prevent increased trouble. To conclude, sports injuries can happen on the field at any time but can be a painful experience and so you should be careful and play responsibly.

William Thomas

William Thomas