How to Make Your First Gynecology Visit Effective

Women need regular gynecological visits to maintain optimal health. The time you begin seeing your gynecologist can vary, but experts recommend that every woman have their first visit between 13-15 years. No matter the time you begin your regular visits, there is no doubt that you might be anxious and nervous about your first experience. The gynecology New York, NY specialists encourage patients to be open with the doctor and let them understand how they feel. It can help your doctor design your visit in the best way to manage your fears. You can also take the necessary steps to ensure your visit is effective, as outlined herein. See more.

Be Ready for Questions

Your initial gynecological visit lays the foundation of your health, especially if you will be working with a provider who does not have your medical history. Therefore, your visit will involve many questions ranging from general health to emphasizing your sexual and reproductive health. Being prepared for questioning helps you be ready to provide more information to your doctor, who is crucial moving forward. Your doctor will want to know you, know your family history, and understand if you are sexually active.

Skip the Visit During Your Periods

The menstrual cycle can affect your gynecological visit in several ways. Remember that your doctor needs to conduct a physical exam which can be messy due to your bleeding. Also, some periods occur with several symptoms like mood swings which can affect your ability to provide crucial information to your doctor. Therefore, ensure you reschedule your appointment sometime later if it comes around your period.

Note Down Your Concerns

You can also have questions you might need clarification on during your first gynecological visit. It is essential to note them down to avoid forgetting them during your appointment due to nervousness. Do not feel embarrassed asking about our menstruation, bleeding after intercourse, undesirable vaginal discharge, heavy flow, pelvic pain, blood between periods, or other sensitive matters. Remember that your gynecologist is a professional and has heard more many times.

Know What to Expect

A lot will happen during your initial gynecology visit. Be ready to provide basic information about yourself and discuss your medical and family history with your doctor. Also, expect to undress during the physical examination, and it would be better if you wore easy-to-remove clothes on the appointment day. Also, understand that your doctor might need to do a breast exam or a pelvic exam, and you have to allow them to do the exam easily. You can also be ready for a pap smear or a vaginal swab. Do some research and understand what every exam or test entails.

Skip Strong Products

It is important to avoid using strong soaps during your gynecological appointment. In most cases, you are to stop douching or using the soap for about 24 hours before your appointment. Also, you should avoid skipping vaginal products and creams before your visit, as they can mask your vaginal status and cause false test results. Consult your doctor adequately to understand other things you should avoid during your appointment.

Gynecological visits are crucial to every woman and form the backbone of safeguarding your optimal health. Contact the TaraMD specialists to understand better. Make a call today or request a consultation appointment by clicking online.

William Thomas

William Thomas