How Does Treatment With Laser Hair Removal Work?

How much time do you spend shaving off unwanted hair? Does it not get tiring sometimes? Yes, the hassle of smooth skin may mean spending extra hours within your busy schedule to eliminate unwanted hair. New York laser hair removal conveniently helps you eliminate unwanted hair in a few treatment sessions. Laser hair removal uses laser beams that target and damage your hair follicles. As a result, new hair growth will delay, so you can enjoy the benefits of not having to shave every time. Read the following discussion to understand how laser hair removal works to remove unwanted hair.

Treatment Begins With a Consultation Session

Before the procedure, your doctor will evaluate you to see if the treatment suits you. First, your doctor will review your medical history and check if you have skin disorders, scarring, and any past hair removal treatment. Next, you should understand laser hair removal’s benefits, risks, and expectations. You can ask for before, and after photos so you will assess and review your treatment. As you await your treatment, your doctor may recommend staying out of the sun, but if you have to step out, apply sunscreen. Secondly, avoid creams that may darken your skin, and refrain from blood-thinning medications. Also, trim and shave the treatment area a day before your treatment.

On Your Day of Treatment

Your doctor will place a laser instrument and press it to your skin. You may need a cooling device on the tip of the laser instrument to protect your skin while lowering side effects. Next, your doctor will activate the laser so that the laser beam will pass to your hair follicles to damage them with the intense heat. Damaged hair follicles will inhibit hair growth. You will likely experience discomfort and a cold sensation from the cooling device.

Your Treated Skin Will Undergo Changes

Within the first few hours after the procedure, you may notice swelling and redness, which are temporary. Your doctor will apply ice to your treated area if you are experiencing discomfort. You may also need a steroid cream if your skin shows a reaction after laser hair removal. Your doctor will recommend using sunscreen daily after treatment and avoiding tanning beds.

Risks and Side Effects

Risks may vary depending on your hair color, skin type, and treatment plan. However, your common side effects may include skin irritation that lasts only several hours. Also, your skin may darken or lighten temporarily in the treatment area.

You Will Need Several Treatment Sessions

Laser hair removal may take from two to six treatment sessions, and the interval will depend on the treatment area. In an area where hair grows quickly, you may require treatment within four to eight weeks. On the other hand, slow hair growth areas may need treatment after 12 weeks. Your laser hair removal results may last months and years.

You can go for laser hair removal if you are aiming to eliminate unwanted hair that keeps you from having smooth skin. Laser hair removal works on all skin types and can treat almost any area in your skin except your eyelids and their surrounding area. Treatment will damage your hair follicles to inhibit hair growth and delay it. You may need several treatment sessions to maintain your treatment results, and the number of sessions may depend on the skin area.



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