Essential Care And Habits For Eye Health

To have a healthy vision, it is essential that we have essential care and habits for eye health. In other words, it is essential to protect our vision and maintain the health of these sensitive organs, as they are constantly exposed to natural, physical, or cosmetic contact. With that in mind, lovely eye clinic have separated some simple habits that can be inserted into your daily life to help maintain the good health of your eyes, as it is essential to protect them to avoid discomfort and possible visual problems.

Check out now some essential care and habits for eye health:

1 – Avoid Scratching Your Eyes

It is a common habit, but it is very harmful to the health of your eyesight. Rubbing your eyes frequently can result in various eye problems like keratoconus and retinal detachment. The eye area is a sensitive structure, and any speck of dirt can easily irritate them and cause redness. In addition, pressure when scratching can prove injury, damage to the cornea, and even more serious diseases. Not to mention that our hands become vehicles for the transmission of infections and bacteria to our eyes, leading to problems such as conjunctivitis.

2 – Makeup And Its Care

Wearing makeup is part of many people’s routine, but we need to be careful. We should never sleep with makeup on to avoid clogging pores with accumulations of substances in the region. Otherwise, you will irritate the eye area when sleeping with makeup on and may even generate inflammation due to cosmetic particles. Another important tip is that we should always wash makeup brushes to prevent the proliferation of bacteria present.

3 – Wear Sunglasses

We should wear sunglasses both on sunny and cloudy days. It is essential to protect our eyes from solar radiation and thus prevent the development of diseases caused by ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB). In addition, we should not wear unwarranted glasses, much fewer fake ones.

4 – Do Not Use Eye Drops Without Medical Advice

Eye drops and lubricants are medicines, so they should only be used with medical advice and guidance. Many people end up using it to relieve some discomfort, but without the recommendation of a specialist, it can cause serious problems for eye health.

5 – Wash Your Eyes Well

Something that seems simple, but that is important and makes all the difference in the care we must have with our eyes. At least once a day, we should set aside a little time to clean the eye area (eyelids, eyelashes, and corners). When performing this cleaning, we will be removing all impurity and secretions and, consequently, avoiding itching that can cause irritation or even possible conjunctivitis.

William Thomas

William Thomas