Considering GainsWave For Erectile Dysfunction? – Here Are 7 Commonly Asked Questions

Sexual health is among the foundations of a happy, fulfilling life. Unfortunately, with age, sexual energy starts to dwindle, triggering the development of conditions like erectile dysfunction (ED). For years, men have resorted to injections, medication, and even surgery to address ED. However, thanks to modern technology, men can revitalize their sexual life with a non-invasive procedure known as GainsWave. GainsWave is a secure, efficient, and FDA-approved male sexual performance boost therapy that employs low-intensity, high-frequency sound waves. If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction and contemplating gainswave San Fernando valley, continue reading to learn everything you need about this procedure.

1. Is GainsWave Painful?

GainsWave is a non-surgical and drug-free Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction. This procedure has no documented adverse effects, and most patients handle it well. Besides, this treatment is quite straightforward, taking approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Moreover, before your provider begins this treatment, they will apply a numbing gel to guarantee that you do not experience discomfort throughout your therapy.

2. What Can You Do To Enhance Your Treatment’s Outcomes?

Most physicians strongly suggest utilizing a vacuum pump following every GainsWave procedure. This vacuum pump draws blood to the penis; thus, inducing a natural erection.

3. When Can You Anticipate Outcomes?

Shifts in erectile functionality could be observed following the initial GainsWave therapy. Nevertheless, most patients notice a huge change in their condition three to six weeks after their first treatment. These effects can last up to two years with appropriate lifestyle changes.

4. Can You Have Intercourse Immediately After Treatment?

GainsWave is a non-invasive procedure, implying that patients do not need downtime. In fact, patients can engage in sexual activity hours after their therapy with no concerns or complications.

5. Does Gainswave Enlarge The Penis Size?

GainsWave Erectile Dysfunction therapy promotes the development of new blood vessels and stimulates collagen production in the patient’s penis. Thanks to these healthy changes, many patients observe an enhancement in the circumference and length of their penis. Additional advantages of this therapy include better, full erections, enhanced sensation, improved orgasms, and better sexual performance.

6. How Long Do Effects Last?

The advantages of GainsWave therapy can last for several months or years, based on the patient’s age and the root cause of the dysfunction. Besides, your physician may recommend a performance program and preventative maintenance to maximize and preserve the benefits.

7. How Many Sessions Does One Require To Attain The Desired Outcome?

The number of GainsWave sessions a patient will require to enjoy optimal outcomes varies based on several factors, including the patient’s overall health, age, and treatment objectives. While most patients need at least six sessions to obtain a desirable outcome, some will need up to 12 sessions. Therefore, talk to your doctor about your specific care plan.

It is common for males to experience periodic erection difficulties. Occasionally, though, erection problems become persistent and must be assessed and corrected. If you have unsuccessfully attempted various solutions, it might be time to try GainsWave. GainsWave utilizes high-frequency sound waves to dilate preexisting blood vessels in the penis, encourages the development of new blood vessels, and eradicates micro plaque. The outcome is enhanced blood flow to the penis, leading to harder, longer-lasting erections. Talk to your physician about your concerns to determine if you are eligible for this ED therapy.

William Thomas

William Thomas