Common Myths About Cryotherapy You Should Ignore

Do you have stubborn body fats that are not getting away even with diet and exercise? If yes, the experience can be terrible. As a result, you need to try other methods, both invasive and non-invasive treatment. If you are anxious about surgical procedures, southern California cryotherapy might be the best option. Over the years, cryotherapy has been gaining popularity since its beginning as it is non-invasive. As usual, several myths surround every treatment procedure. As a result, we have decided to analyze the common myths about cryotherapy you should ignore.

Cryotherapy Is Painful

One of the common trending misconceptions about this procedure is that it hurts. Most individuals assume that cryotherapy is painful since healthcare providers perform it in cryo-chambers stored at a freezing temperature. However, it is painless whenever an experienced and certified practitioner administers it. The cold temperature from the cryo-chamber only causes a painless sensation and little tingling during the opening exposure. After the session, your body temperature returns to normal in less than one minute.

Cryotherapy Is Only A Fashion

Even though it is true that cryotherapy has been gaining fame, the procedure is not new in the market. Advanced technology has been emphasizing and increasing the procedure’s benefits. The treatment has been on the market since 1978. Individuals use these methods to relieve injury and moles and eliminate warts. Others have used it as an aftermath relaxation strategy after tireless physical exercise. Therefore, cryotherapy is an advanced technology reinforced by ancient wisdom.

The Procedure Is Dangerous

Although the cryotherapy procedure reduces skin temperature to 30 to 50 degrees, this cold lacks time to penetrate your skin deeply. You do not have to fear because there is no frostbite. On the contrary, ice baths that have been a portion of medical treatment have been linked with minimized core temperature and hypothermia because of lengthy exposure to risky colds.

Cryotherapy Is Designed For Professional Athletes

Usually, coaches and elite athletes apply this method to stimulate performance which has surged the visibility of the procedure. However, all tedious workouts can contribute to tiny muscles and tissues, while extreme workouts contribute to the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles. Since the procedure speeds up the recovery of your tissues, everybody can use it for fitness recovery at all levels.

You Are Ineligible For Cryotherapy If You Are Claustrophobic

Most healthcare centers have selected cryotherapy designed to cater to claustrophobic people. For instance, healthcare clinics may contain elevated ceilings enabling patients never to feel restricted. Therefore, as long as you can stand in a shower and be comfortable, you are eligible to receive cryotherapy.

The Procedure Only Functions After Workouts

Cryotherapy treatment is designed to be used by athletes only. However, athletes only apply it after working out to regain energy and prepare their bodies mentally and physically for other games and workouts. Performing cryotherapy after games or exercises is essential in enabling you to relax and have a good sleep. However, it is not limited to athletes after workouts.

If you are struggling with stubborn body fat, the time is now to turn the clock around. Cryotherapy is a non-invasive treatment you can consider if you are nervous or ineligible for other treatments, including surgery. However, discussing your objectives and concerns with your healthcare provider is important to determine how to achieve the best results. Your doctor will schedule a treatment plan if you are eligible.

William Thomas

William Thomas