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There is a clear correlation between cannabis and music. Many cannabis users will agree that music sounds better when they are high. Whether you love chilled-out music such as jazz to eardrum blasting music such as riddims, there is always a way to match your music interests with the perfect strain. Cannabis is believed to alter your perception of time. 

According to research, smoking weed can cause your internal clock to go faster than usual, giving you the perception of a slowed-down external clock. Combined with the increased focus and attention that some weed strains provide, being high enables you to hear subtle music notes that you are likely to miss when you are sober. 

In simple words, the effect of weed enables you to focus on the music than overhearing it when doing other tasks. When buying your recreational marijuana in Denver, you may wonder which strains are the best for enhancing your music listening experience. Let’s find out.

Do Sativa and indica strains offer the best music highs?

Many marijuana users tend to argue about which strains between Sativa and indica produce the best music highs. But the most accepted fact is that Sativa strains result in a more uplifting euphoric high while cannabis indicas have a more sedative body high. As such, whether sativas or indicas offer the best music highs depends on the kind of music you want to listen to.

For instance, if you intend to get into the club or concert and dance the night away, an energizing cannabis Sativa strain can offer the ultimate high. In contrast, if you want to lie on your couch and listen to music that lulls you into a meditative state, cannabis indica strains from star buds rec dispensaries in Denver are a better choice.

Generally, avid stoners know how the go-to strains for any mood. But if you are a beginner, here are some of the best marijuana strains for music highs.

Lamb’s bread for reggae music

Smoking weed is a part of the Rastafari religion in our favorite city. Lamb’s bread is a Sativa dominant that perfectly compliments the chilled out beats associated with reggae music. It is also a Jamaican variety and was reportedly a favorite for Bob Marley, the reggae legend.

Herijuana for hip-hop

Hip-hop and marijuana are a perfect pair, with rap superstars such as Snoop Dog being vocal about their love for weed. Herijuana is an indica dominant that produces a strong body high with a mental focus that allows you to concentrate on the music.

Green Crack for heavy metal

With the powerful Sativa energizing effect, green Crack is the perfect accompaniment for heavy metal, giving you every bit of stamina you need for a festival.

Blue dream for classical music

Although many people do not associate classical music with weed, you can enhance the powerful sound of an orchestra by listening while high to enable you to pick subtle sounds you haven’t heard before. Blue Dream is known for its medical benefits, but it is a versatile strain hence an ideal accompaniment for classical music.

The bottom line

Finding the best marijuana strain plus music combination takes time and experimentation.

William Thomas

William Thomas