All That You Must Know About Corneal Abrasion Treatment in Buffalo Grove

Corneal abrasion can do the following:

  • Hurt your eyes
  • Irritate your eyes
  • Sometimes make you cry. 

The expert staff of optometrists available at Eye Q Optique in Buffalo Grove can treat Buffalo Grove corneal abrasion completely. Call the facility which is nearest to you or make an appointment online right away to receive treatment for your eye injury.

What can cause a corneal abrasion?

While using tools or equipment, you run the risk of putting anything in your eye and scratching your cornea. The following few things can scrape your eye and get into it:

  • Dust, dirt, sand or any plant pieces 
  • Tiny bits of metal or wood 
  • Make-up brushes or applicators.
  • Your fingernails.

You can also develop such a corneal abrasion from your contact lenses in case you:

  • Wear your lenses while your eyes are dry.
  • Have contact lenses that may not fit well.
  • Use extra amount of force while inserting or removing your contacts.

When should you go for professional help? 

Within a few days, a minor corneal abrasion can recover on its own. To achieve prompt pain relief and lower the chance of consequences, you should get professional care for your corneal abrasion regardless of the severity of your injury.   

When you visit a clinic at Buffalo Grove, with concerns about eye pain, the staff will perform a thorough eye exam. They examine your eye and inject it with a special dye that makes the damage more visible.    

They carefully inspect your cornea using a device known as a slit lamp, a microscope with a strong light, to locate and assess the severity of the scrape.

Is there any risk factor due to corneal abrasion?

The following are few risk factors for such corneal abrasions:

  • Having dry eyes
  • Landscaping without safety glasses
  • Participating in certain sports that has a chance of causing eye injuries
  • Repeatedly rubbing your eyes with too much force
  • Wearing contact lenses
  • Working around eye hazards, such as grinding machines or any sawmills.

Therefore, you should think about visiting an eye care professional if you have eye pain and watery eyes and have been working around flying particles of dust, wood, plants, or metal. 

Having a medical professional clean out your eyes and assess the damage is far safer. The medical professionals will also prescribe a few medicines, which can stop the corneal abrasion to take a serious turn. Therefore, you are advised to seek medical attention immediately although it is not that serious a problem and can be easily managed.

William Thomas

William Thomas