6 Common Myths Concerning the Dental Implants

Healthy teeth are the source of joy, smiles, and comfort while eating a delicious meal. However, you may experience dental infections or trauma that may cause tooth loss. Living without some teeth is one of the worst life experiences since you will no longer have a glowing smile. In addition, you may not be clear while uttering words, which eventually causes embarrassment when speaking with your loved ones. However, if you are a victim of missing teeth, you do not have to undergo all those troubles since dental implants Greenwich can help restore dental fullness. The popularity of dental implants has triggered some of the following myths.

The Implanting Procedure Is Painful

Many people are afraid to explore the dental implant procedure, claiming it is painful. Although you may experience mild discomfort, the specialists will apply anesthesia to numb the surrounding gums during the procedure. In addition, modern technologies like the 3D Guided Surgeries ensure that the specialists fix the implants successfully, alleviating the likelihood of trauma. Therefore, you do not have to fear this procedure since it has minimal discomfort.

You Can Get the Implants From Any Dentist

The implants’ success usually depends on the expertise of the specialist behind the procedure. Therefore, you should never seek dental implants from any dentists you meet in town. It would help if you got the placement of the implants from a certified implantologist to get the desired outcomes.

The Implants Have the Short Lifespan

Some people have concerns that the implants cannot last for a significant period in their lifetime. This misconception has pulled individuals from seeking dental implants. The truth, however, is that following good care, the implants can continue serving you for a considerable span. Regular checkups and oral hygiene, such as brushing, can help to prevent infections in the newly implanted teeth, thus guaranteeing long-lasting results.

The Implant Is Noticeable

 You may think that everyone will notice that you have teeth implants whenever you smile, but you are mistaken. The reality is that when you restore your missing teeth using porcelain crowns, the implants will feel natural, and you do not have to worry since no one can notice.

The Implants Are Costly

When you compare dental implants with other restorative procedures, such as dentures, you will notice that it is worth investing in them. Essentially, dental implants have a longer lifespan than traditional dentures. Besides, the dentures vibrate when chewing certain meals, making you uncomfortable. Therefore, in the long run, the implants are relatively cheap.

Dental Implants Are Only for the Old People

Many people usually associate tooth loss with elderly age. However, the reality is that anyone can lose teeth due to illnesses, poor diet, or injuries. Therefore, anyone with missing teeth can seek to restore their lost teeth irrespective of age.

Are you a victim of missing teeth? Millions of people have been living with missing teeth which interferes with how they speak and chew their favorite meals. If you are one of them, it is time to seek an effective remedy. The team of experienced experts at Greenwich Dentistry provides dental implants to patients with a set of missing teeth. Click the online booking tool and visit their facility to reclaim your dental fullness.

William Thomas

William Thomas