5 Things to Consider Before Going for Botox

Botox can do wonders for our bodies if you find a good surgeon. It can reduce wrinkles and treat conditions like excessive sweating, neck spasms, and lazy eye. If you are impressed with the procedure and need it, you can consider Danbury Botox and fillers.

Before you rush for the surgery, there are certain things you need to know. The tips we will mention will help reduce your high expectations of the procedure while still encouraging you to go for it. Here are some things you should know before going for Botox.

Bruising is Normal

When surgeons inject you, there is a high probability of them touching a blood vessel, which is what causes bruises. Although bruises are hard to avoid, a good surgeon will try to minimize them as best as they can. If you are self-conscious about them, you can cool them with ice packs or frozen peas.

Still, as a patient, there are things you can do to minimize bruising. You should avoid medications like aspirin or ibuprofen because they are blood-thinning, which causes clotting delays. Also, you should avoid alcohol two days before the procedure for the same reason.

Go For a First-Time Consultation

Few people consider this step because of how eager they are to get Botox. Before you consider the procedure, ask the surgeon about any concerns you may have about it.

As you ask the doctor questions, they will assess whether your face is appropriate for the surgery. They will ask you to squint, furrow your brow and raise your eyebrows. All these actions help surgeons understand the movement of the muscles in various parts of the face so that they know where to inject.

The Results are Not Immediate

Botox injection results begin to show after two weeks; however, some see results within the third day. Since they take a long time, do not think that you visited a quack. If you expect the results by a certain period, you will need to plan your surgery.

Why do Botox injections take long anyway? It is because it has to reach the cellular level of each muscle and block the neurotransmitters to induce muscle paralyzation.

Botox is Temporary

They last around 2-6 months, so you may wonder why they stop working after some time. Botox blocks neurotransmitters and becomes ineffective as soon as your body makes other neurotransmitters. People who need longer-lasting results should consider an alternative like Daxxify.

There are other reasons that cause Botox to wear off, such as stress, your surgeon injecting it in the wrong muscle, or not injecting the right amount.

You Will Need a Follow-Up Procedure

Injecting Botox is one step, but seeing the results is another matter. Depending on the outcome, the surgeon can know whether or not they can correct anything. A common mishap that can occur is when one side of the face is stronger than the other.

The surgeon will ask you to visit them after a week since that is when the results will start to show. Remember, surgeons may not even have to do any touch-ups if the surgery is successful.


We hope this article will change your perspective on Botox. It is not uncommon for people to complain about the procedure when it does not meet their expectations. That is because some are unaware that the procedure starts rough but later shows exceptional results.

Also, this article will help you decide whether the procedure is right for you. Some people go for Botox because many go for it, so they do not take time to think about it.

William Thomas

William Thomas